Why I believe the mere fact we dream proves there is more than just the physical world!



I have the craziest dreams.  Very vivid.  Never a dull moment.  For the 14 years I ‘abstained’ from the Caribbean due to trying to put myself back together after being tossed around, stepped on & spit on by life – that’s putting it mildly – I continuously dreamt of being there, being on vacation, but it was always my last day.  And I forgot to go to the beach.  And I’m freaking out. “How could you forget to go to the beach ?!  It’s the whole reason you’re here!!”  It’s an awful feeling, helplessness cuz there’s nothing I can do  & complete incomprehension as to how that is even possible, without even consciously considering that that would absolutely not be possible.  In ‘real life’, that would NEVER happen.  The minute I get to my resort, I’m at the beach.

And yet I never realize I’m dreaming.  There’s no question – when I’m in a dream, I think that THAT is reality, that I am awake .. going about my day – even when certain things make no sense, I don’t even realize – until, that is, I finally had my first Lucid Dream.

Every single time, at the time – in the dream – I believe that that is reality.  I don’t even consider for a sec that it might not be, it doesn’t even occur to me.   I lived a Groundhog Day scenario for years, every night I’d fall asleep & be on vacation, every time I woke up it was my last day, I overslept, woke up in a panic realizing it’s time to go back home & I totally forgot to go to the beach.   The Universe, I believe, in part, was urging me to get back to Life.  I was a disastrous mess for awhile after all the crap – but that was an important time – the Universe’s “Intensive Universal Training Camp of  ‘Bring you to the brink of madness & then some’  Life Lessons.”


When I started really working on myself, trying to process, deal & heal from all the trauma, and became more self-aware, I realized it was a message, a strong message, that Spirit/Source/Divine/God/Whoever made us come here was trying to get my attention.  Every night, for years, my Soul was longing to be back in the tropics I fell in love with on my first trip in ‘96, I just didn’t make the connection.

When I finally consciously realized what the dream was trying to tell me, the dreams finally started changing.   The next time, I woke up at the beginning of my last day.  It started with me being able to see the pool from my window, then the beach, progressing to me being able to get to them but not swim, etc etc until I finally went in the water.  That’s when I finally went on my first trip in 14 years, in 2012.  That’s where I feel most at home, most in my element, in the tropics 🙂

So all of this is happening in a space and/or time that I believe, at the time, to be reality.  I don’t seem to have a clue that I’m actually asleep at that moment.  Or am I ?


Lucid Dreaming  goes right up there with skydiving as the most thrilling things ever for me.

In this dream, it was a scene from my past – I was in the work building I used to work in in the 90’s – the one I left to take the Club Med job in the Caribbean.  I was going about my day, walking in the hall, passing offices – but then when I  approached the elevators, I noticed the fire.  The elevators, the floor, the halls – the fire roared fiercely & I was looking for a way out.  The stairs were blocked, we were trapped.  I was in complete disbelief.  OMG I can’t get out, I HAFTA get out, OMG this can’t be happening, OMG this cannot possibly be happening, I’m pacing, my hands on my head, I head towards a corner & crouch down behind a big recycling bin.  Each thought, progressing a little more – this is not happening, can’t be happening, how is this happening .. .. finally to – maybe this is isn’t happening, this can’t be real, maybe I’m dreaming, omg maybe I’m dreaming, could I be dreaming, to OMG I’m fucking dreaming !!!!!

Here I was conscious, in an ‘alternate reality’ (dreaming) , & finally aware that I was not in the reality that I thought was the ‘real’ reality & had never once questioned.  Before my lucid dream, if someone in my dreams had suggested that perhaps I was dreaming, I would have said that’s preposterous.  So as I sit here & write this, I think I’m awake, not asleep & in dream.  So then yes, perhaps I am asleep right now, in a dream of an alternate reality, and so on … fun to try & wrap the mind around all that 😉

The instant I realized omg I’m dreaming, it all disappeared.  Just fell away.  I was safe.  Still processing what this meant, what I now instantly knew, & all of what I could do with this now – I popped right back out of the dream, literally – Poof – back in my bed.  I remember it clearly, I felt like I was suctioned through a suction cup.  I was Energy, not a physical body.  Imagine, I could fly if I wanted to !   Consciously choose to fly, and be able to 🙂

Becoming aware in what we call our ‘waking life’, & being able to achieve a conscious state in what we call our dream state,  I think just may go hand-in-hand.   Similar, but different.  I knew the importance of awareness in our ‘waking life’, but not of the achieving consciousness while in the ‘dream state’.   I guess it’s time now 🙂  Lucid Dream # 2 🙂

On OBE’s:

I’ve had a few of these – but that was before I knew what they were.  I used to think they were just dreams.   That is, until I read about them one day, & I got total goosebumps when I realized what I experienced.   My mind is saying can’t be –  how is this possible mumbo jumbo & tries to dismiss it.  My Heart & Soul know though.  I can pull up the memory at anytime & I’m right there again in that moment.  Floating – just over my bed, right over my body.  It’s dark, late at night.  I can see myself, down there.  I’m below me loll

Unlike my dreams, where for 40 years it never occurred to me that I even MIGHT be dreaming.   One lucid dream later, & everything has changed.  I now want to achieve a conscious state while I’m  asleep & dreaming, & see all I would be able to do.  I could manipulate, space, time, space time ?! lolll  It’s going to take practice & focus.  I have yet to have another.  I know I’m at the tip of a waterfall of Beauty 🙂   I’ve had many dreams since, but I’m still oblivious in them.  I’m trying to train myself to ask myself, Maybe you’re asleep/dreaming right now, so that it might become more natural to ask myself that while I’m asleep.

With the OBE, the  difference is that I’M FULLY CONSCIOUS!  Automatically.  No effort required.  It’s always & only happened on nights where my body was so friggen exhausted, that it fell asleep before my mind did.  Then I would feel myself floating up to the ceiling.  It got very windy.  I heard a very loud train.  There were flashing lights, like strobes.

And the Vibrations.  OMG it’s insane.  They’re so unbelievably intense – they’re what has kept me from trying again – I haven’t had an OBE since I became consciously aware of what they were.  I would just float around slowly, I remember feeling like a ball. I remember gently floating around the room, I’d lightly bounce of the walls if I came close to one.  Just floating without a purpose,  like a bumper-car, without a driver.  Oh but with Consciousness, what one can do !!   There is such an incredible well of Love, Beauty & Magic in the Universe, as soon as you figure out how to see with your ‘Spirit eyes’ 😉

So I can’t help but wonder that if every night I spend 8 hours in a place I thought was ‘reality‘, who’s to say I’m not asleep & dreaming this ‘reality’ right now that I think I’m awake in too ..



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