These Animals Are Smarter Than Humans

Oh my heart❣️If only each & every single human being could be this loving❣️

Hidden Camera Catches Cat Comforting Anxious Dog While Family’s Away

These two animals can teach us how we can be better humans. Thanks The Dodo!

Many have lost their way. But they can find their way back to Love ❤️

A return to love must be chosen by each individual. They must drop the hate / division / labels / boxes / beliefs – and other people’s ideas of how they should be.

But first they have to recognize / realize their unnecessary latching onto those things to define them.

You define You.

Someone else’s idea of what you might be/should be/are does not define you unless you let it.


‘I’ll Take “What is the Opposite of Authentic” for $1,000 Alex!’

Awareness or oblivion – your choice.

But make no mistake we are currently, daily, & have been for decades – under attack, a silent but very deadly attack, disguised as “entertainment” & “fun” & “fads” & “trends” & the music industry & the movie industry & most of Hollywood & those shallow “celebrities” who do not deserve your “worship” & most late night talk show hosts & social media & all of Big Tech & the mainstream media; no longer journalists but political operatives masquerading as information sharers when they’re more like “reality controllers.”

‘He who controls your information controls your reality.”

You have to be born with curiosity to wind up learning how to think – schools today only teach our kids what to think.

The Fakestream Media

True objective journalism should leave you not knowing what side they’re on.

The complete & total opposite of the mainstream media.

Why trust someone who tells you “what to think” instead of “to think?”

Why trust someone who ridicules you unless you “obey?”

#Twitter is #Censoring #TheFallingMan

Folks this is Censorship.

#Twitter completely locked me out of my acct, for posting about 9/11 in defense of Trump by reminding people of the truth:


Donald Trump is getting pummeled cuz of his vid about 9/11 – yet Ilhan gets a free pass for saying the worst tragedy on American soil was JUST A DAY SOME PEOPLE DID SOMETHING⁉️

Alyssa Milano is having a coronary, someone get her some oxygen & a Razzie.

Ilhan clearly needed reminding that September 11 WASN’T just a day “some people did something,” it was a terrible tragedy in NYC. I wholeheartedly believe she has been placed where she is to sow discord. #NeverForget911

✨ #TheFallingMan is 1 of 200 people who had to make the choice of jumping to a certain death from 90 stories or burning alive.✨

Twitter didn’t like me reminding Twitterland of the falling man! They don’t want people to know the truth – they want people to know what they deem appropriate.


The Magical #Maga Hat

If you saw someone that you thought was racist, but they weren’t doing anything, just minding their own business, what would you do?

Most would ignore it & keep on walking. Sure, you could attack them, like we seeing so many do to those wearing the Maga hat. But why would you? What is that going to bring about?

If you’re literally attacking someone – what does that make you? The good guy?

Those who attack people for wearing the Maga hat, because they think they’re racist, are mistaken: the racism they think they see outside of them actually lives inside their head.

These people who’ve become Beacons of Hatred need to take a long pause, a deep breath, a long look in the mirror, & do some self-reflecting.

A wise person will not let what they observe outside of them change them or affect their inner peace.

The US Government Spent Millions: Let’s Weaponize Memes!🤯

Nothing is off limits in their Psychological Warfare campaign against ‘We the People!’

US Government Spent Millions: Let’s Weaponize Memes!🤯

Are you in control or are they?

As I’m sure you’re aware two can play that meme game.

Want to bypass the censored hashtags – put them on your pics as text.

Want your vids to not get demonetized – let alone not be eradicated from your platform forever – use their key words instead of yours.

That way if they try to censor us with those keywords, they’ll censor themselves as well .. right out of existence ..

Imagine if that ended up making them have to alter their hashtags, making their videos harder to find loll

A wee taste of their own medicine.

It’s great to create & get our memes & message out there – if it makes it through the skewered algorithms & censorship – so that we can plant those seeds of Truth & Awakening into the Garden of Consciousness🌻

But if those do make it through there’s always the chance that they can be blocked by that user or someone in the thread.

Instead tweet it as a response to theirs that is blatantly false or pushing propaganda. If that user blocks you everybody in that thread will still see your tweet unless every single one of them blocks you too. So for the person that you responded to erase your very intelligent, to-the-point, fact-filled truth, they’ll have to delete their original hate-filled propaganda tweet in order to get rid of your response as well.

The Trump Card

Great post anon💌

Both possible – as we’ve seen from our research – and mind-blowing. Of course the very overactive schills will ridicule that, as they do everything else .. but a neutral objective person who researches & thinks for themselves will explore any & every theory & possibility😉❤️

Donald Trump sure made me sit up & pay attention when he immediately started confirming stuff I’d been blogging about for 2 yrs & had learned thru my own research, re the corrupt deep state, the biased unobjective bought-&-paid-for media & the global epidemic called pedophilia.

He doesn’t NEED a trump card cuz he IS the trump card.

But hey if you wish to continue operating from your place of constant hatred, go ahead .. it’s your life ..

For those who are fed up now, feel foolish, or want to move on – it’s okay it’s not your fault; the fault lies with the people who angrily force-fed you a lie like it was the golden truth without an ounce of proof, just wishful thinking.

Perhaps Miss Chelsea Handler can inspire folks to look within as she shares her decision to consult a psychologist to help ease her out of her hatred, which ultimately led her to address an unresolved childhood trauma .. her reason for her pain & grief – not Donald Trump😉

Chelsea Handler: I Decided I Needed Help

Human Behavior 101:
“A person only discredits something that can hurt them, that they fear, or that they don’t understand.”

The trashing of Q (Anon) lately is in hyperdrive .. they want you to believe it’s a crazy cult of ‘conspiracy theorists’ = just more propaganda & gaslighting you.

Ummm .. we’re so violent they have to make up fake hate crimes to pin it on us?

People who do their own research, investigate & think for themselves are in a cult?
Ummm we’re the complete & total opposite of the cult mindset.

Ask yourself, ‘WHY⁉️’

Q – if nothing else – has #United so many, & reminded us of the necessity of researching & thinking for ourselves. If you are against THAT, very few will trust you.

The Twisted Game of Gaslighting

Everyone needs to be aware of the total mindfuckery known as “Gaslighting.”

It’s a very serious form of abuse, as shown in this oldie but goodie:

“Gaslight” Full Movie

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is important; crucial. I think it’s time for a modern remake for the current & next generations. Awareness is KEY to ensuring you’re NOT being manipulated.[Being gaslighted by an old toxic bf – before I knew ‘gaslighting’ was a thing – almost drove me insane.]

It’s a game of manipulation & mind-control done purposely to make you doubt your own mind. How? Starts with something along these lines:

And it ends if/when the (lucky) person finally realizes what’s going on. Some never do.

I think it’s a friggen miracle I did.

Now, I’m grateful for the experience. I don’t know if I’d have recognized it happening to We the People so easily otherwise.


As hard as it’s going to be I have to see this movie. I’ve always been pro-choice. I have a feeling I might change my mind ..

Have you seen it? Do you plan to?

On the Jon Miller show, @MillerStream, they discussed it, & revealed a disturbing thing I did not know, that the baby tries to avoid the catheter that’s inserted during an abortion because he is fighting for his life. Heart-breaking.
But it’s important to have all the facts to make an informed decision. I really don’t think this movie should be censored or R rated.