Twitter is a Shithole 💩

Twitter & Shadowbanning: So Much For Free Speech

Free speech? Fuck it, says Twitter! 

You try to spread a little truth & they censor you. 

I hope Twitter sinks Titanic style.

Twitter is a Shithole.


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Fraudulent Religious Organizations: Millions & Millions of Tax Free Money: Corrupting the Minds of Many for Personal Profit

Are you familiar with the Trinity Broadcasting Network? TBN is the world’s largest religious broadcasting organization. MinistryWatch gave TBN an ‘F’ for financial transparency & keeps them on its list of the 30 worst ministries. $583 million in assets. Paul Crouch & Jan Crouch founded TBN in 1973 & as of 2016, both have passed: Jan Crouch dies, Cofounder of Trinity Broadcasting Network & 2013: TBN co-founder Paul Crouch dies at 79.PaulCrouchAnd the skeletons keep pouring out of their closets. Their son, Matthew W. Crouch has since been named Chairman of the Board. Matt-Laurie-Caption Small


Exempt from paying taxes, Paul & Jan declared over $800 million in net assets in 2010. They used donations to buy a $50 million jet, 13 mansions & a $100,000 mobile home – for the dogs. They own a total of 30 homes all paid for in ca$h; they have personal chauffeurs, gold-plated bathrooms, & offices fitted with saunas & wet bars. 


The World’s Largest Christian TV Network Has a Lot to Hide

Jan Crouch of TBN was facing many scandals & legal allegations – the least of which may be if her dog has pink hair: TBN Exposed: TBN’s Power, Profit & a Pink Poodle

They embezzled funds – their own granddaughter Brittany Koper sued them for their some of their fraudulent activity – the misappropriation of $50 million in this case. There were allegations of attempted murder & the cover-up of other granddaughter Carra Crouch’s rape at 13 by one of their employees that was swept under the rug. Paul hushed a gay partner with half a million$. Former TBN Employee Alleges Gay Tryst With Paul Crouch. Paul’s son, vice-prez Paul Jr. quit & left abruptly, under suspicious circumstances that have been hidden from the public.

TBN’s Jan Crouch Found Liable for Covering Up Granddaughter’s Alleged Rape

Jury awards televangelist’s granddaughter $2 million in Trinity Broadcasting molestation scandal

The only people they were helping was themselves. Noticing a trend? 

We must bring awareness to this blatant misuse of donations. These so-called religious orgs claiming to help people; if help means separating them from their money. The general public has a right to know what a scam these organizations are & that their donations are being used for personal use.1614108745_sheeple_dont_know_answer_3_xlarge

TBN is a member of the  Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability® – an association for non-profit, tax-exempt orgs. The EFCA boasts 2100+ clients & have a 25 BILLION$ annual revenuetax free. And the rich get richer & the poor get even poorer. No one gives a crap about those who are suffering anymore. If you’re fortunate enough to have way more than everyone else, the human thing to do is help those who suffer, not hoard it all for yourself. And the thing is they don’t have more than others, they took it, under false pretenses.

“Just as important, the Bible also teaches that human beings are to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our Maker, and that we will all be called to give an account for our use of His blessings here on earth. This includes Paul and Janice Crouch, and while they would insist that their stewardship of TBN’s resources are honoring to God, they would likely benefit from some serious, Biblically-rooted soul-searching. Do multiple mansions, luxury hotel suites for poodles and clothing, and $300k per year fine dining budgets illustrate a ministry geared towards service to others or one designed for self-gratification and self-glorification? In the end, only God can answer that question.” Source: TBN: Trouble in Paradise

TBN Asks Court to Seal Records in Response to Blog Investigation.

“The stark contrast between the message they’re espousing and the details of these allegations is why these stories so quickly make headlines,” Burke said. “It’s so counter to their supposed beliefs.”

Those who dictate to others how to live & not to live, often state their way is not only the right way – it’s the only way.

There is no such thing.

“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.”

—Proverbs 28:6


Scientology’s Hypocrisy: Gaslighting, Projection & Double Standards


People have been so hard on scientology lately. Are they getting a bad rap? Or is it all well deserved? I thought I would acknowledge their performance. They are Masters! Kings! Give these guys an award! Three awards! For they have perfected the Trifecta of Nasty Behavior!   ***Applause***

Have you heard? Scientology’s panties are in a bunch! “Someone is saying mean things about us!” Aww! Poor little scientology! Are they ok?? Are they afraid? Afraid for their safety? Afraid for their lives? Afraid for their loved ones?

Aww, that must be awful!! What’s that like??

Oh wait, never mind. I’ll just ask a bunch of Ex-scientologists ..

.. or anyone that speaks out against them. They leave no person un-smeared. Which is actually a gift in a wayYou see, WHO they choose to smear helps us greatly. The ‘church’ doesn’t know this, of course, because they have zero self-awareness. If I went ahead & made a list of everyone they’ve smeared, the list I’d be holding would go by two names:

  1. A List of Everyone Scientology has Smeared.

  2. A List of Everyone who is Obviously Telling the Truth.

I just don’t understand people’s necessity for religion. The amount of killings & fraud “in the name of religion” is astounding.

When you get older & wiser and develop your self-awareness you realize that everything is connected in that we are all connected. You stop seeing divisions & labels & borders. Religion seems to want to divide people. Religions & scientology have that in common. The “You must do like us & think like us or else you can’t come into our private club.” Such BS.

It’s nonsense. A lot of people say ‘Yes but there is some good in scientology.’ Yeah ok – but have you seen all of the bad fuckin’ shit they’ve done. Start with the Paulette Cooper story & Operation Clambake. That should light a fire under your ass.


It’s like saying ‘Oh I murder people from Monday to Friday but it’s ok cuz on the weekend I volunteer at an old folks home.’

Some people seem to think that if David Miscavige was arrested or died that maybe it wouldn’t be as bad. I disagree. How so? They bow to their king, L. Ron Hubbard & his policies. They have no choice but to follow the rules & policies he set up. It’s gospel to them; to me it’s the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard in my entire life.


If you want to end your suffering & be happy you have to get to know yourself thoroughly – if you don’t want to get fucked over by other people you need to learn how to read them thoroughly – it’s all about awareness. Every single terrible thing in scientology all stems from Fear. LRH was a man who was absolutely terrified. The more research I do in the more I learn about this man who claimed to have the answers to everything is in my opinion the very last person on this planet you should see any kind of guidance from. I don’t understand how people cannot see that the climate of fear he created & the violence, the controlling & manipulation.Zero trust. 24/7 spying with Kr’s (Knowledge Report). In plain English – Tattletale reporting. How can anybody think that that is in any way positive?

The anger I feel when I see scientology claim they are being harassed; I have been doing extensive research on on the subject – I’ve watched them do it over & over & over again to anyone & everyone who disagrees with them. This man, who claimed to have figured out the formula, albeit the most expensive formula I’ve ever heard of, for spiritual enlightenment & being the best you that you can be, couldn’t even figure out how to be a decent human being. He lacked social skills, he lacked self awareness, he lacked wisdom, he lacked common sense – he is probably one of THE MOST messed up human beings I have ever studied. Yes, there have been many fucked-up human beings on this planet but usually they’re just fucked up in their own little area in the only people that suffer are those in their immediate surroundings. The difference with the diabolical LRH is that he tried to scam the entire world. He stole people’s money, he stole people’s lives & he stole people’s children. He took away people’s freedom, their ability to think for themselves, their ability to create their own path & the ability to make mistakes, learn from them, grow, evolve & gain wisdom. To be quite honest there is absolutely nothing that is spiritually evolved in scientology – it’s actually the opposite of that. The total opposite of that. All of the rules & policies in scientology are that of a lost, confused, misguided, manipulative, paranoid, delusional, untrusting, controlling, misogynistic pedophile who thought that if a 7 year old girl felt uncomfortable when a grown man kissed her – then the weird one was HER, not the man. WTF?

I could tell you in 15 minutes what it means to be spiritually enlightened. A basic recipe of how to be a good human being. How you go about evolving spiritually, learning, growing, evolving. One cannot help but go what the fuck, when they turn around and do the exact same thing & then they have the balls & the gall to whine about it. Cheese with your whine?? Pot, meet Kettle. Well, I guess they should have been a little bit nicer then, don’t you think?! There is so much that scientology as a whole overlooks with their constant pity party. Tissue?


Good things speak for themselves. Bad things hide in the shadows. They scare you, force you, control & manipulate you. They never let you be, to make your own decisions. You walk on eggshells, on guard all the time. You never know what to expect. Sounds just like an abusive boyfriend doesn’t it? That’s because that’s pretty much exactly what this whole thing is. The inner working’s of a madman’s mind, that mushroomed into this cancerous thing. For someone who didn’t believe in psychology, he certainly exhibits several disorders psychology claims exist.  It’s very time & energy-consuming to weave & maintain a web of lies. They’re finally feeling a tiny percentage of what they’ve been doing to their members – sorry, their ‘piggy banks’ – for years. Decades. Some even longer.

Everything that scientology is going through, & what’s to come, is the Universe paying them back in spades for their unethical, immoral & downright criminal behavior all these years.

This, ladies & gentleman, is what we call a healthy dose of Karma. They cry wolf; Woe is me! Woe is me! Oblivious to the fact that every single thing they accuse others of doing, they do themselves.

It is strictly forbidden to criticize the ‘church’ in any way – nary a negative word is said – or even thought! When you try to control what someone else THINKS, you are seriously fucked up in the head. It’s beyond any fuckery I know. Anyone who speaks out against becomes a Suppressive Person, or a Potential Trouble Source, or any other invented lingo trying to give itself some validity & sound legit. If it WAS legit, you wouldn’t have to make it sound so. It would be obvious.

Their minds must be so crammed with volcanoes & aliens that they seem to have forgotten we live in the age of information; so easy to fact-check. Lucky for them, they’re able to keep many members off the net, or at least away from anything negative about co$: they are brainwashed into policing themselves & others. They isolate, control, demean, blame & shame members into submission; these are NOT the actions of a mature, respectful, emotionally stable, well-balanced individual, or organization.

Check out tbis excerpt of a letter from Scientology’s Karin Pouw – scientology’s letter writing pawn. David Miscavige’s bitch. She either knows what she writes is fabricated, with the intent to confuse & mislead, & she doesn’t care, or she actually believes the drivel she’s told to write. Either way, it’s despicable – she is being used & is unaware. Exposing their lies & proving them wrong is too easy; take this snippet for example:


She’s 4 for 4! Four lies in four sentences! A record? Probably not. Really Ms. Pouw?? This shows their sheer arrogance: to blatantly lie when the facts are so easily verifiable. You have to be a real fuckin’ dummy, or think you’re untouchable.

  1. “.. it was founded on freedom of religion.”
  2. “Moreover, Scientology IS a religion.”
  3. “Millions of people call it their religion.”
  4. “.. considered a religion by ‘virtually’ every Supreme Court in every civilized country.”

HA! That last one if the funniest of them all.

See what the judges really say about scientology in my previous blog:

Scientology: What the Judges Say


Although I’ve never been a scientologist, I’ve had to overcome a lot of trauma, abuse & injustice in life. I’ve been through my own terrible tornado of bullshit. If you learn, grow & evolve, you get wiser: you learn to read between the lines. After all, people communicate more non-verbally than verbally. You can train yourself to tune-in. An internal razor-sharp bullshit detector. Mine is in mint condition.

If the critics were just spewing lies upon lies, as they claim, then NO, they WOULD NOT pay any attention to them. You know, the ‘don’t feed the trolls’ thing. The only reason one tries to shut another up is because they are about to reveal something about them they don’t want revealed. It’s so damn obvious. If you want to understand someone, don’t look at WHAT they do, look at WHY they’re doing it. Therein lies the truth.

All of the rules & policies drawn up by L. Ron Hubbard are the most insecure, paranoid, immature, controlling, misogynistic, misguided, deranged, delusional, things I have ever heard. They can declare me the Queen of England if they like – it has no validity out here in the real world, just in their illusionary, fabricated, evil little bubble. 


Circling the Drain

Can you read people? Do you often know what they’re gonna do before they do? Are you tuned in? Aside from feeling the energy – can you see it? All around us, all the time? Quantum Physics – my favorite subject ever – is so mind-blowing. When someone asks me if I believe in God, I say yeah – Quantum Physics.

I don’t need “a God” – I’m not looking for someone to save me.

I saved myself.

Unless one day you realize how important, how necessary & how totally fucking amazing self awareness & consciousness is – you’ll keep circling the drain & suffering. Drain.png

Never realizing that you could change it all in the blink of an eye; with one different thought, one different action. It’s the most ridiculously simple thing: realizing that in every single second, minute & moment, you can create a new reality for yourself. You are creating a new one every second, minute & moment, many just don’t realize it, and they continuously choose the same reality over and over and over again stuck on an invisible hamster wheel.

Can you enter other dimensions while staying in the same spot?

There are many reasons why it’s a good thing to develop your self awareness & sharpen your intuition. In this ‘day & age’ we need to read between the lines, to decipher the truth from the madness. The more I wake, the more asleep they seem. I really thought my higher vibrational energy would help lift that of the collective consciousness. I waited. But I’m sensing the opposite.

I am continuously waking up more & more; I was under the impression it would be enough to help raise the collective consciousness. But guess who got impatient! 😒

While I was ‘waiting around’ for the world to wake up, while constantly emanating high vibrational, positive energy; the powers that be spun their disinformation campaign harder & with more fervor than I’ve ever seen before.


I watched many on the brink of awakening get overwhelmed trying to navigate through the static; I watched them retreat back into their shell for hibernation yet again. So I changed my strategy.
And yet again, a whole new world has opened up to me. I found an amazing community of awakened souls who strive for truth & authenticity & only want goodness & peace in the world. Compassionate people who are making a real difference.

Get as close to #Authenticity as you can.

It feels so good 😘💝🙆


Deliverance 🍕

I can’t even watch a movie anymore without thinking & hoping,

‘No children were raped during the making of this movie.’ 


Thanks Hollywood.

Will that be the PSA of the future? Let’s hope not.

Thanks to Pedowood (Hollywood, #metoo) the world is finally seeing a tiny tip of the big, ugly, secret iceberg. It’s #AnOpenSecret as many Hollywoodians will tell you. Then there’s Pedotown – #churchtoo, the catholic church & the Vatican; who since the ’50’s, have paid out over $6 billion dollars to silence those they molested/raped. Watch #Spotlight & #TheKeepers. As well as the decades of child abuse, sexual assault & mind control in scientology (& other cults). Too many heart-wrenching stories were shared on Leah Remini’s #ScientologyTheAftermath.

  • We believe the survivors of Hollywood.
  • We believe the survivors of the catholic church.
  • We believe the survivors of the cult of scientology

Are you seeing a pattern?? I know I am. ‘But that’s where the pattern ends, I assure you,’ state many. Because if you suggest: 💥 In government⁉💥

“That’s preposterous!””You’re nuts!””Are you fuckin’ kidding me?””You’re crazy!”

Sorry, but I don’t find it the least bit funny that there is a possibility that kids are being abused. Or molested, raped or trafficked. They laugh as though it’s something that just doesn’t happen. Everyone who’s had the ‘that is preposterous!’ as an answer has raised my suspicion. Really? So show us how you got to that conclusion.  But they don’t – because they don’t investigate. Instead they laugh out loud at every single tweet or post about it. It’s just dismissed, without investigation. That is careless.


So .. I guess none of that is happening right? Riiiight.

Isn’t it ALL happening??

Check out the well documented Franklin Scandal. The Pedogate of the 80’s/90’s.

Cue #Pedogate / #Pizzagate. An outrageous “conspiracy theory” than many people immediately dismiss. A story so ridiculous, so outrageous, it actually wound up working in their favor when they began their over-the-top smear campaign. Cuz who’s gonna believe that shit!? Right? They’re giving this one their all. But why? That action makes no sense – if there’s no validity to the claim. That fact alone led me to investigate for myself. I had to see what all the fuss, all the panic was about. Because if it were true, the force of this smear campaign would have to be because the secret is so huge, so over-the-top, that it prompted those with the most to hide to start the biggest campaign to discredit it ever. Introducing “fake news.” The, ‘I can present zero facts to disprove what you’re saying, I don’t have an alternative, plausible explanation, I’ve got nothing. And I don’t want to talk about it, so I’ll be insulting & condescending to you instead.’ It’s just another word for Disinformation: ‘False information deliberately & often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.’ See #MerchantsOfTruth. But now it’s being slapped onto truth as well – a banner they toss out to discredit; in hopes it deters people from investigating. Jedi mind trick? I have another word for it: Gaslighting. Question Everything. Do your own research. Think for yourself. Don’t believe anyone, not even me. I’m not saying that it’s real – I’m simply presenting that it’s possible. Of course it’s possible. Anything is possible. wp-image-231376579

And that’s one critical thought missing from everyone who has claimed, or insisted even, that it in absolutely no way is real or true. An open-minded, objective, critical thinker considers all possibilities. That’s a red flag right there. How can you claim that with certainty? You can’t. I can’t. No one can ever really know anything, unless they’ve experienced it for themselves or unless they were there, in the same room. Is it true? I don’t know. But it is possible.

There’s a reason ‘they’ don’t want us looking there. There has to be – if there was nothing to find, they wouldn’t care if we looked. But they do. So there has to be. No one would waste their time discrediting something that couldn’t damage them.💥


 💥”Let’s keep those mainstream media stories mocking suspected child rape in DC flowing. The LAST thing we want in this country is the public taking child sex abuse seriously.”💥

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention; or maybe you’re part of the problem. There are way too many connections to haphazardly dismiss it. It’s also about basic human behavior. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is more than just a saying. There is an acknowledgement of the amount of inexplicable things & the lack of an alternate, plausible explanation. People aren’t necessarily saying kids are being (insert word here ______) under a pizza parlour. That’s the MSM spin. The pizza part was just one piece of a bigger puzzle. But the coincidences & connections are too many to carelessly dismiss. I agree that there should be a formal investigation, by an objective party.

That the world is being directed to ignore it, is beyond disturbing; especially after hundreds, if not thousands, have insisted, after extensive research, that there is something sinister going on here. The MSM should be tripping over themselves with their sensationalized over-reporting on this, like they do everything else. They thrive on tragedy. Scandals sell papers. But nope; just silence. That’s extremely suspicious. A strong indicator that they are trying to bury it, because it is, in fact, real?

Hmmmmmmm … never?

I have no respect for the machine. It aims to suppress, steer & control. I don’t trust it. I will always question it. “If you can’t help people, at least don’t hurt them.” But especially, definitely, do not rape or murder them. More than fishy. Fishy as Fuck. And when there’s such tremendous effort extended to blow something that’s ‘just a farce’ out of the water, with a total refusal to even investigate, there’s definitely more than meets the eye.


So, if it’s true, & we don’t stop them, they’ll think it’s ok to go on. What choice do we have? If you have a story, now is the time to come forward. A shout out to all the 4chan, 8chan, voat & reddit researchers, who’ve done more work & connected more dots than, well, anyone. It’s a shame that those who should care don’t. Let me repeat that: Those who should care don’t. WHY IS THAT?

Wake Up. Exit the Matrix.

🚨🔛🚨End the Pedo🚨🔛🚨

Please End, Depravity Obsession. 🔜🎯

Pedophilia Exterminated; Divinity Orchestrated.😇

Peace Enlightens Dormant Outcry 🗣

🚨🔛🚨End the Pedo🚨🔛🚨